Last 7 minutes (Reel 2): Shrimp fishing; Husum beach with "strandkorbe" "Watten" with horses and cart. marshlands dykes cows grazing. Reclaimed land. Old thatched farm houses built on mounds. Kiel Canal. Lubeck. Elbe and Hamburg port (+ Baumwall Alsterarkaden Rathaus. Motorway Luneburg Heath; Fields; East/West border (Helmstedt) Berlin Ku-Damm street scenes. Berlin concert hall; Brandenburg Gate;
Berlin Wall

Year of Production: 1960

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: c. 27 mins

Shot List


DESCRIPTION : 00:00:00:00-00:05:00:00 vs mountains and forests in Bavaria low < shot disused watchtower pan left to border crossing from verdant valley ws disused road stretching to the horizon ms ruins of bridge ms sign reading 'minen" ws two border guards walking beside railway track title 'Germany: A Regional Geography" GRAPHIC SEQUENCE showing how states in Germany changed through history GRAPHIC SEQUENCE showing geographical and demographical landscape of Germany inc major cities vs man wearing Bavarian clothes walks through forest cu shot of blazing sun vs valleys hills and forests of Bavaria vs man fells tree using chainsaw inc tree falling vs men working in timber mill inc trimming trees pan around Rift / Rhine Valley inc Heidelberg with gvs of city buildings and river pov shot from motor cruiser / boat vs woman at cooker as dog looks through trap door above and shots of barge along river tracking shots along Rhine showing industry / chimneys at side of river pan down castle in mist to barge along river ws cars along road with train along track side by side vs barges along river vs Koblenz on edge of Mosel river

00:05:00:00-00:10:00:00 pan along vines to show grapes vs man picking grapes and tipping them into vats and crushing them high < shots of Bonn and Cologne inc bridges over river cu steam train into Cologne and over bridge high < shots showing business centre of Cologne / Koln pov shot from train along track showing houses and industry / factories vs Ruhr coalfield inc two old women making their way home with heavy industry in bg vs men working in iron / steel foundry / blast furnaces ms river barge along with industry on banks GRAPHIC SEQUENCE showing upland area of Germany vs uland area showing lakes and mountains high < shot of disused mine vs disused mines inc winding tower pov shots from car along rural German road ms typical German village in valley

00:10:00:00-00:15:00:00 vs mechanical figure out of clock tower as clock chimes the hour ws heavy horses in farmyard ms woman drives horse and cart mws man ploughs field using horse ws women threshing corn with horse and cart in bg cu heavy horses pull cart ws oxen pull cart along track ms woman bends over to weed field low < shot horses pull cart vs man threshes corn ms cow pulls plough ms tractor pulls trailer loaded high with hay ws green valley with village in bg ms woman stands with washing on line behind her ms man taps silver object he is making vs farm yard with horses and pigs and ducks ms woman and children out of church low < shot marionette in clock tower retreats into tower after chiming vs streets scenes and gvs of towns in middle Germany inc Medieval buildings vs cherubs typical of Baroque architecture vs street scenes in middle Germany high < shot Frankfurt inc streets with traffic and modern buildings vs people in streets with heavy rainfull ms swans on river vs storm / rainfall in German city ws Lake Constance vs Augsburg inc street scenes pan around station at Augsburg high < shots of Munich streets pan around Alpine foreland near Munich inc Alps

00:15:00:00-00:20:00:00 ms man harvesting hay on steep mountain vs paintings on exterior of houses inc characters from fairy tales vs low < shots of crucifix high on mountain vs mist / cloud covered mountains and misty forests / woods vs lake with long bridge vs cattle being brought down to winters pastures by foot and by boat vs cows being decorated with paper garlands and bells as they are driven to pasture tracking shot past Autumn trees with pan up to tree tops GRAPHIC SEQUENCE showing division of East and West Germany inc major cities vs fishing boats at sea with huge nets ms sea gulls picking up scraps from sea vs boats moored on salt flats inc people walking about and horse and cart and sheep and cows grazing (Shleswig-Holstein) ms cows in field with flooded fields in bg

00:20:00:00-00:26:00:00 vs land reclamation inc dykes ws Schleswig ms ship leaving harbour vs old men / salty sea dogs pan around Hamburg harbour and river Elbe with ships and tugs low < shot train using high level track vs street scenes in Hamburg vs traffic in Hamburg inc huge amount of Beetles high < shot cars driving along new motorways vs ancient houses on heathland ws harvest taking place with town in bg ms sign reading 'Berlin" vs border guards checking documents of car drivers vs Berlin streets inc modern buildings street cafes and pavement artist tracking shot along derelict / ruined buildings and ultra modern buildings and Brandenburg gate with cut to show Berlin Wall END TITLES