DESCRIPTION : This footage has gvs of social life of Bahrain in the 70s

Year of Production: 1970s

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 20 mins 56 secs

Shot List


00:00:00:00-00:05:00:00 vs of nomads riding on camels in a caravan across the desert montage of aerials of parched desert land sandy shore and a palm jungle cu map of Europe and North Africa with title 'Gateway to the Gulf' superimposed pan from pipe of gushing water to pools and gullies of water
ws of plants in water vs of people jumping into and swimming in an outdoor pool surrounded by palm trees vs of archaeological ruins vs of vessels and artifacts in display in museum high > of Arab men walking around the burial mounds high > of Arab children running through the village zi from village to
the surrounding deserts ws man rides on donkey past palm trees low > of minaret and vs cus of carvings vs of Arab muslims praying at the mosque zo from group of Arab musicians vs of Arab men and women at religious festival inc singing dancing foodstalls and people in costume

0:05:00:00-00:10:00:00 vs of traffic in town in Bahrain inc horse and cart among the cars policeman directing traffic track along the palm trees ws man throws straw to heard of goats in a pen cu of aubergines growing on bushes pan down to ws of person gathering mangos low > of man
shimmying up a tree to pick dates vs of Arab men unloading marrows from a trading boat in a port. There is a chain of men throwing the produce to each other and loading it onto a truck vs of Arab women shopping and traders buying and selling in a vegetable market vs of European tourists shopping for
bronze goods souvenirs and carpet / rug in the bazaar vs of man shopping for spice inc cus of hands scooping out spices from containers vs of café with Arab man smoking hubble bubble / bong pipe vs of ships and boats in deep water port vs sweeping aerials of a smelting plant power station and radio telescope in the middle of desert vs of Arab woman teaching small schoolchildren vs of school children playing in the playground vs of Arab men at an electronics class vs of group of Arab student nurses listening to instruction

0:10:00:00-00:15:00:00 vs of Arab secretaries in a typing pool / at typing classes vs of Arab men and women at a woodwork class vs of craftsmen building a boat hammering drilling and eventually launching the boat vs underwater shots of pearl divers filling their baskets with oysters vs of fishermen in the boat pulling in the baskets of oysters vs of pearl jewellery inc a trader weighing one and looking at it through an eyeglass jewellery on display vs of Arab architecture inc wind towers carved stonework and mosaics vs of the modern area of the town with horse guards on parade a large red Mercedes man taking photographs as sheik gets out of car vs of sheikhs at Bahrain's parliament the Emir makes a speech
vs cus of Sheikhs listening to him vs of Arab horses

0:15:00:00-00:20:56:00 vs of horses eating greens inc ws of Arab man chasing horse away from wheelbarrow zi to ws of Arab horses running together vs of Arab and European people sitting by a swimming pool in swim suits drinking cocktails vs of people jumping into the swimming pool inc underwater shots of them swimming vs of people scuba diving from a boat inc underwater shots of swimmers and povs of tropical fish corals and sponges vs two divers find something from in a shipwreck underwater vs of people sailing in a yacht race vs of spectators and footballers at a football match in
Bahrain vs of silhouettes of palm trees and a boat at sunset ws of fishermen folding their nets outside a cafe at night vs of Arab chefs at work rolling pitta bread and baking it in hot clay ovens vs of Arabs playing draughts outside the cafe at night vs of neon lights and the lights of heavy traffic at night vs of a 70s disco scene vs of plane on runway with airport in bg at night ws silhouette of minaret against dawn sky ws of plane about to take off from runway at dawn aerial shot of town and jungle END TITLES