Distribution of fish. Buyers decide which sorts and sizes of fish are to be selected for auction. Auction scenes. People busy on telephones at the 'fish exchange'. Fishmongers' shops. Secretaries on old-fashioned teleprinters. Fish factory shots. Preparation of fish. Filleting packing icing labelling. Trucks. Road signs (Grimsby Hull Fleetwood Falkirk Lincoln Rugby). Red telephone box. Fishing vessels in port.

Year of Production: 1966

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 12 minutes

Shot List


Night scene: Fish dock with boat
0:00:01 Night scene: Fishing boats passing across camera
0.00.13 Aerial view: Grimsby 5 a.m.
0:00:40 Various shots fish unloading
0:00:45 General view (still dark) fish on dock
0:00:58 Shopkeeper rolling u shutters
0:01:08 Street cleaning wagon early morning
0:01:11 More shots of fish laid out
0:01:25 MCU hands handling fish
0:01:32 White-coated sitting round table talking
0:01:50 Man comes into modern office carrying brief case
0:02:17 Man points at map on wall
0:02:28 Shots of white-coated men inspecting fish
0:02:45 Fish auctioneers (rapid patter)
0:02:50 Pan shot busy office - men on telephone (two at a time)0:03:15 Women typing at teleprinter
0:03:30 Tracking shot fish wheeled along
0:03:45 General views of office man on phone etc
0:04:00 Man in protective suit wheels fish in freezer shed
0:05:00 Ext: Victorian school building
0:05:16 Public school boys walk in cloisters
0:05:18 CU telephone dialling
0:05:24 Shoppers crowd round fish shop (Harman Bros)
0:05:28 Steam shunter at pit head
0:05:36 Tractor drives down main street - van behind
0:05:40 young children in open pl school
0:05:45 Young woman answering two phones at once
0:06:10 Overhead view fish packing factory women workers and men cutting up fish
0:06:28 MCU machines stripping boxing fish including kippers
0:06:38 Van pulling out of Ross Group depot
0:07:16 Van pulling into fish plant and out
0:07:37 Fork lift truck with boxes - loading van
0:07:54 Ross vans leaving depot
0:08:16 Various road signs: Grimsby Lowestoft Fleetwood Aberdeen Kingston upon Hull
0:08:21 Night scenes lorries and vans on roads headlights (all Ross)0:08:41 Transferring boxes between vans
0:09:25 Van stops: driver examines wheel in phone box
0:09:43 Van backs to loading bay unloads boxes
0:10:32 Men handling boxes
0:10:50 Fishing boat leaving mother and child waving
0:11:54 Fishing boat leaving past camera