Safety at Sea explained through court proceedings

Year of Production: 1962

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 24 mins 46 secs

Shot List


00:00:00:00-00:05:00;00 high < shot along London street with traffic following London cab / taxi which stops at kerb mws man out of taxi and across street busy with traffic vs man crosses street and enters Holborn Town Hall vs people crossing street mws court room with people at enquiry into fire on ship at sea vs court room scenes mcu bow and bridge of tanker / ship at sea vs ship and crew and seamen at work ms steward rings hand bell for lunch

00:05:00:00-00:10:00:00 vs court room scenes ms young man with teddy boy hair and winklepicker shoes lies on bunk and smokes cigarette mcu young man winds wrist watch after hanging towel on line hanging below lightbulb vs court room scenes vs lightbulb in cabin with piece of red cloth covering it and pan down flex to radio cu cigarette butt smouldering in ashtray ms cabin vs man in dock in court room ms teddy
boy man rolling cigarette in engine room of ship vs cu shots smoke pouring out from underneath closed door ms man opens door and flames burst out cu flamesms man rushes up to another man spills his cup of tea and shouts 'fire'

00:10:00:00-00:15:00:00 vs man rushes along corridors cu fire extinguisher hanging on wall vs court room scenes with man giving evidence in dock cu fire extinguisher hanging on wall ws dockyard scene ms man with guitar on his back going aboard ship vs men loading drums on ship vs young man entering cabin and sticking pictures of naked women on cabin wall ms man removes sellotape from safety notice in corridor
and uses it to stick his pin ups on wall vs cus fire extinguishers and other firefighting equipment on board ship

00:15:00:00-00:20:00:00 vs court room scenes ms men working on bridge and sounding alarms vs sailors / men fighting fire in cabin of ship cu water being sprayed on fire cu engine room of ship with pan up to fire vs man sending radio message on bridge ws explosion through roof of engine room cu hand tapping out morse code vs men wearing life jackets fighting fire and organising evacuation

00:20:00:00-00:24:44:12 vs men lowering life rafts and climbing into them down rope ladder vs views of fire stricken ship and men rowing life boat vs court room scenes ms man collapsing in smoke filled corridor ms man with smoke blackened face dies in life boat and is covered by blanket ws ship on fire ms young man walks sadly out of building