Short Description: Tom Finlay Insurance Clerk stressed by life / work and family finally cracks. Put into jail for reckless driving. Friend and boss bail him out. He reflects on how he can improve his lot.

Animation - American voices U.S. background.Finlay at office - given home work. Home interior: wife knitting boy playing cowboys - noise annoys Finlay. Night scenes - traffic lights. Finlay drinking in car crashes - police - gaol. Merry-go-rounds - school teacher & boys - dream sequence: Finlay rescued by boss and friend. Ends with roof top with TV aerials. Message: Relax

Year of Production: 1956

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 10 mins 11 secs

Shot List


0:00:00:00 0:05:00:00
Opening credits over blue background
Animated film.

'Office sequence"
Panning shot external view large office building with other buildings / factories / train / railway line beyond. > focus on wall clock showing time as 4 minutes to 5. CUT view through office window. Pan down office desk - name plate " Thomas E. Findlay" overview as boxes to questionnaire ticked in open newspaper on desk. Cut to 'boss" / well dressed white hared male coming in through office door. Man holds report / folder in hand. Overview of paper as one line is crossed out. Man goes through door marked 'H. R. BURTON. PRIVATE'. View of man through office window changes into 'Napoleon" Pan across to office door where younger man comes in putting on jacket and shuffling pack of playing cards in his hands. Man throws playing cards. Overview of desk with open newspaper, playing cards, brief case, file / folder.

Panning sequence depicting walking 'angrily" through factory. Images of poker players and playing cards. Doors being slammed.

'Home sequence"
Lady sits in chair knitting, little boy sitting on floor in front of television, girl sits at table writing / doing homework. > MCU girl looking at book. Pan across table to large amount of paperwork / papers.
OV of column of figures on paper. Man's hand holding pencil, points to figures as adds up the column / calculates total. Various shots of child / girl doing homework and man / father trying to add up column of figures. Girl gets down from table. Lady carrying tea tray, trips, manages to balance tray and only one cup falls off tray and breaks on the floor.

Various shots of lady / wife sitting in chair; man / husband trying to add up column of figures; boy / son dressed in cowboy outfit jumping about pointing toy gun and 'shooting" at television; sharp / pointed lead of pencil breaking off as points to column of figures. Man's hand slams pencil down, hand flat on table with figures splayed out; lady / wife / mother sitting on chair with son / boy in cowboy outfit and daughter / girl standing each side of her all looking sad / guilty / sorry. Fade out.

'Street sequence"
Night time impression of travelling / driving along road with numerous street lights and buildings lit up with neon lighting. Impression of car continuing to travel as green traffic light suddenly turns to red. Image of police motor cyclist in car rear view mirror. Impression of frantic / erratic driving at night in built up area culminating in crash. Movement stops focussed on illuminated Police sign. Cu pane of glass which breaks and falls away to reveal policeman sitting behind desk with fragments of broken glass in fg. Policeman opens big book / record / charge book and writes (left handed).

'Jail / Prison / Cell sequence"
CU floor level of jail bars and their shadows on floor with impression of man and his shadow walking up and down. Man stands talking in entrance to jail / cell, walks into cell and sits on bench. Man's shadow walking up and down over shadow of prison bars. Sequence showing pink car travelling along road with other 'white chalk drawing" vehicles travelling faster in adjacent lanes. Pink car stops at traffic lights. Motor bike travelling in same lane and towards pink car pushing it back along road until it crashes at foot of police station steps. MCU man wearing red head covering / hat / skull cap smiling and rubbing his chin and taking. Man's smile turns to frown and he walks across to look through prison / cell bars. Shadow of man against brick wall. Cement lines of brick wall change into squares. Chalk drawings of family members lady sitting knitting, girl kneeling on floor typing and boy dressed in cowboy outfit pulling canon behind him.

> to canon as ball fired which spirals into shape like revolving spokes of a bicycle wheel, then into lines forming picture simulating office wall / partition, door and windows with people spying / peering / peeping through. Fade into Napoleon on white horse with foot soldiers. Napoleon dismounts into image of boss / manager / employer.

Cut to 'Jail scene" - Rear view of man standing looking towards man wearing red head gear sitting talking. Pan down to horizontal lines on floor, which turn 90 degrees into vertical lines travelling off into the distance. Spinning carousel appears at focal point > to CU of spinning carousel. Angry looking teacher figure with red hair and holding long cane chastising small boy who stands up from behind school desk. Teacher stamps about in rage and turns towards blackboard where she transforms into young pleasant teacher writing sum (7 x 3 =) on blackboard. Two small worried / sad looking boys standing by desks one scratching his head as if thinking. Cut back to teacher who writes the answer 21on blackboard superimposed over spinning carousel. Fade out teacher and carousel spins off into the distance.

Cut to man in cell sitting talking to shadow of man on floor. Carousel appears over black vertical lines on floor as shadow of man walks by. Carousel spins into full screen to reveal army officer holding a whip and jumping about angrily. Chalk drawing of army officer left on background as he walks off and greets man sitting on bar stool. They shake hands and talk. Man at bar fades away to leave army officer standing alone. Chalk drawing of army officer with whip joins actual army officer. Chalk drawing of army officer.

Two men standing talking in prison cell. One man walks over and holds on to prison bar. CU face of man silhouetted against prison bars. > and past man to fast moving frantic images of manager / boss, wife / woman , children / son / daughter. Fade out. CU Man wearing red head covering talking and looking anxious. > to head gear. White chalk drawings depicting man stamping about in a temper and then shaking hands in reconciliation. < to man talking. Cut to floor with vertical lines with lower legs of man standing and then walking away. Two sets of feet advance towards door of cell, shadows of two men on floor. Manager / boss stands inside cell with prison warder standing outside bars. Man / manager talks whilst holding hat in his hand walks off screen. Prison officer talks and walks off in opposite direction. Two men talk in prison cell. Manager / man walks off talking, puts on hat and waves goodbye prison officer standing outside cell another man standing inside cell. Man standing inside cell moves hand to hush speech. Cut back to prison officer at door of cell as man / manager looks back in talking then leaves. Prison officer looks in through door talking then walks off. Man in cell dancing around looking happy. Smiling man walks across prison cell to open doorway. Simulated brick built corridor with window in end wall. Police officer standing at desk.

'Outside night scene" Sky, dark buildings and street lamp. > sky with buildings at bottom of frame. > sky with end credits. 0:09:58:00