Domestic scenes of newly married man and wife.
Domestic accident and woman finds new ways of housekeeping including washing machine and Hoover.
1950's suburban neighbourhood.

Year of Production: 1950s

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 20 minutes.

Shot List


titles ' Hoover presents Catherine Boyle aka Katy Boyle and Desmond Walker-Ellis , in Falling to Happiness
ws of suburban street pan to house
vs of husband and wife getting dressed in the bedroom
cu of woman combing her hair
ms of man looking for something under the bed
cu foot standing on collar stud and MS of man wincing in pain
vs the argument continues as man sits on edge of bed nursing his sore foot
os of woman walking down stairs and running back up again to find socks for her husband
ms wife walks into the room and finds pair of socks for husband and walks back out again
ms man takes collar out of drawer and complains that it is not ironed properly
ws woman runs up the stairs angrily
ms wife runs into the room and finds a collar for her husband then they begin to argue about the standard of her housework
ws storms around the kitchen in a bad temper preparing breakfast
ms man sits in front of mirror and puts shirt collar on
ws woman on her hands and knees cleaning and polishing the floor when man runs down the stairs , she does not get out of his way when he tries to pass and they argue
ws man walks into kitchen , takes the newspaper and sits at the table
ws woman walks into kitchen and drops something on the floor , man picks it up for her. She then picks up a step ladder and swings it around so that the man has to duck and he puts his face into the breakfast cereal / porridge.
cu of mans face with spots of porridge on it

zi to CU of man wiping his face , then he pours himself some coffee and it is too weak
cu of his face looking disappointed / angry / exasperated /
ws woman in hall up step ladder spring cleaning when man comes out and struggles to get past her
cu of woman looking wistful as she realises that her husband has left for work without kissing her goodbye
ms man walks out of front door into CU , he realises that he has not kissed her goodbye so he turns around and takes out his key of open the front door
vs as the husband opens the door he knocks his wife off the step ladder
ws man walks into the hall to find woman on the floor , her tries to pick her up but she accuses him of knocking him off the ladder deliberately , they argue and she complains that her wrist / arm is sore
ws of woman in the garden eavesdropping on her neighbours argument
ms wife nurses her wrist while husband calls the doctor on the telephone
ws doctor gets out of the car and walks up to the house while being eagerly watched by the neighbours
vs the other housewives / neighbours get together at the garden gate and have a good old gossip
ws the doctor tells the woman with her arm in a cast / sling to have some rest
mcu the husband suggests that he not go into work due to the accident but the wife pushes him out the door
ws husband / man kisses wife / woman goodbye in the hallway before he bumps into the ladder
vs the neighbours / busybodies watch as the man / husband leaves for work . He raises his hat as he passes them
ms the woman sits on the bed with a magazine when the doorbell goes , she gets up to answer it

vs woman answers the front door to the neighbour who pretends that she wants to borrow an onion , woman invites her in
ws two women enter the kitchen , the neighbour offers to help the injured woman by doing her washing , the two women leave with a big pile of dirty washing in the evening
vs the neighbour shows the woman a washing machine / twin-tub
how to load it with hot water etc.
cu of woman with look of envy
vs cus of hands turning dials and putting hose / tube into tub of water , putting washing powder into water , putting clothes into washing machine and putting the lid on
ms of woman putting clothes into spin dryer

vs showing the housewife extracting soapy water from the spin dryer and adding rinse water with rubber tubes
ms the injured woman sits on the bed reading a magazine when the doorbell rings , she gets up to answer the door
ws woman answers the front door to the neighbour who offers to do some hoovering / vacuuming for her
ws of the housewife hoovering the picture rail
vs of the woman hoovering the carpet vacuuming the carpet
cu of the underside of the vacuum cleaner inc a CU of a finger running along a brush
cu of the hoover hoovering the carpet
ms of the woman unzipping the hoover bag
vs of housewife hoovering the couch , stairs