The latest developments in effluent treatment in agriculture, demonstrating the most efficient systems in use or under development today

Year of Production: 1970

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 12 mins 23 secs

Shot List


0:00:00:00 - 0:05:00:00 CU Pile of manure / dung / muck / excrement. Farmer reversing red tractor and depositing manure from forks on to heap. Title superimposed over panning shot of manure heap. Cut to images of farm produce; Paddles stirring milk in bulk storage vats; Row of dead / slaughtered pigs hanging by hind legs in abattoir; Eggs being sorted at egg packing station; Overview of and > manure
heap. Animated sequence of cars travelling along M1.

LOV Dirty farmyard / race with manure heap to one end. Panning shots as red tractor with scraping attachment scrapes manure / slurry off concrete yard / race between farm buildings.

Diagram showing meat production - picture of cow, sheep, pig and chicken on green patchwork background. Production statistics / quantities / numbers appear by individual animals - 12million by cow; 40 million by sheep; 150 million by chicken and 7 million by pig;

CU farmer / farm worker with pitchfork moving manure from heap into wheelbarrow. Cut to panning shot of herd of cows in field with large sheds in bg. MCU cattle in shed with straw on floor. Cow walking to drinking / feed trough. Cow defecating. Panning shots of cattle in shed. CU liquid slurry / effluent. Sewerage works / Filtration tanks / clear water flowing. CU inside muck spreader. Cut to sequence of shots showing tractor pulling muck spreader whilst spreading manure on field. Cu to dung on floor and cattle inside shed. Cut to lady wearing cream suit riding bicycle through the countryside. She holds handlebars with one hand and her nose with the other. Overview of farmer / farm worker / farm hand wheeling wheelbarrow loaded with manure across farmyard. Tipping manure out of wheelbarrow. Panning overview of Sewerage works / treatment works / filtration tanks. CU bubbling sewerage / slurry.

Cut to tractor with scraping attachment travelling up slope by manure heap in open field and reversing back down. CU of pigs feeding in individual cubicles. Rear view of pigs in individual cubicles. Pan down to grating / grid in flooring. MLS of 'rain gun' shooting / spraying liquid manure over field. CU 'rain gun' nozzle and moving arm to alter direction of spray. Overview of tanker collecting slurry from slurry pit. Man moving controls on slurry tanker.

0:05:00:00 0:10:00:00
CU glass valve as slurry fills the chamber. Cut to MCU of hose from tanker in bubbling liquid slurry. CU nozzle as liquid slurry sprayed on field / land. MCU panning shot of slurry spraying from tank pulled by tractor in open field.

MCU of river, riverbank, trees. Trees reflected on river / water. CU flowing water. Pan along river / water to girl / female / lady wearing waterproof clothing standing on riverbank, she collects water sample in plastic jug and pours it into specimen bottle. Panning shot as female laboratory assistant carries tray of specimen bottles along corridor and into doorway marked 'Chemical Analysis'. CU of lab technician taking clear liquid from bottle in her hand and putting it into row of bottles using a pipette. CU as sample river water is added to the row of bottles colouring clear liquid brown. Stoppers placed in bottles. CU face of girl / female / lab technician / laboratory assistant. MCU as laboratory testing carried out. Liquid being poured from one beaker to another; beaker / flask being shaken; Pan across to buff coloured foolscap book / folder labelled B.O.D. and dated 13th August, 1970; Book opened and results / finding recorded. MLS of assistants / technicians working in laboratory. Laboratory equipment.

MLS workmen on biological filter tower at National Institute of Engineering. CU of liquids entering and flowing through various parts of machinery. Man taking samples from 'Aerobic system'. Samples placed in case. Man closing lid of case, picks it up and walks off. Cut to MLS of farm and buildings. Panning shot to field with concrete storage towers and 'Anaerobic' tower.

Panning shot farmer / farm labourer shovelling manure into ? Bath / hopper . Cut to 'Gasometer' / gas storage tank. Machinery. Gas storage silos. CU top of storage silos. CU lighting of gas ring. MCU hospital kitchen; kitchen staff putting kettle on gas hob; person cleaning floor.

MLS factory building with chimney. MCU outside factory buildings / sheds with equipment on ground. Panning shot poultry droppings falling off conveyor belt and drying equipment. Automated drying equipment following journey of manure through process of rotary drying chamber. View of fire / heat source inside chamber as drum rotates drying muck / manure. MLS of drying equipment as man holds sack which is being filled with dried manure via hopper / shoot from machinery. CU dried manure in open sack. Man picks up and rubs dried manure in hands before closing bag.

0:10:00:00 0:12:23:00
LOV processing plant equipment and bag filling process. CU manure spread on sheets / trays for drying. Automated paddles travelling along turning manure. Cu as manure is agitated / turned and passes through drying machinery.

Cut to MCU of clouded sky and pan to drying machine in operation in field. CU fire / heat source. Man holding sack as it fills with dried manure. CU cow / calf in pen. Cut to man (Charles Riley of National Agricultural Advisory Service) standing in field smoking pipe. Man removes pipe from mouth and talks. CU man talking. MCU combine harvester in action / operation. CU manure / waste products. CU panning shot of combine harvester with 'New Holland Claygon' printed on side to grain in open top lorry / bulk container / silo. Cu grain.
CU manure / fertiliser dryer. Mcu man talking with pipe in hand standing in field with farm buildings in bg