Excellent film for hindsight analysis.

BFI: The evolution of the Common Market from economic conditions in post-war Europe. Europe today is contrasted with the same areas as post war bombed ruins. Animated diagrams and live action show how Europe was divided by barriers to trade, economy and movement of people. Starting with the European Coal and Steel Community and then the European Atomic Energy Community, 6 countries decided to establish a Common Market for all goods and services. This task, with its difficulties and problems and the results so far achieved, are shown in detail. It represents a new form of international life which may lead someday to a united peaceful world.

Year of Production: 1963

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 20mins

Shot List


DESCRIPTION : 00:00:00:00-00:05:00:00 tracking shot around bombed out buildings in Germany possibly Dresden ?? inc children playing on heaps of rubble ms family climbing to home over rubble title 'European Community' over gvs of various countries in Europe high < pan across rooftops in unnamed European capital mws pavement cafe - possibly Paris vs people window shopping ms map of world showing USA and USSR with Europe in middle vs various trade communities in Europe ms woman working on switchboard in Brussels vs people / journalists at press briefing vs people at European Community meeting

00:05:00:00-00:10:00:00 ms translator talking into microphone vs meetings taking place in French ms one man lights another's cigarettes zi to map of Europe mws steel plant on Ruhr in Germany pan across steel plants in Italy pan up to show city of Genoa vs gvs in Genoa inc industrial site vs flats/apartments in Genoa high < pan across industrial area of Genoa ws person on bicycle along cobbled street vs derelict coal mines in Belgium pan around house where ex-miners are re-training as bricklayers vs new houses on estate vs agriculture inc men threshing corn vs woman and man work in fruit and vegetable market pan across field where combine harvesters work pan across farmhouse with hayrick in yard vs irrigation scheme under construction inc pumping station in River Rhone

00:10:00:00-00:15:00:00 vs crops in field being sprayed with water ms threshing machine towards camera ms ships in dock tracking shot alongside ship ms men checking fruit ws modern development surrounded by green fields mws donkey cart through southern Italian village vs agriculture vs people looking at job adverts in southern Italy vs men leaving southern Italy for the north to find work pan down apartment/flat blocks vs children playing on trampolines and on other games beside sea vs two young men chat up women as they sit in deck chairs vs signs for Italian pizzerias and restaurants ws people watch airplane take off pan across industrial area and dock where men weld metal in fg vs men have meetings vs atomic power stations both exterior and interior pan down electricity pylon ws atomic research centre in Italy
ws canteen where scientists eat vs people working in atomic power station

00:15:00:00-00:18:14:00 vs man undergoes radiation therapy ms scientists talk together beside blackboard filled with equations vs children at school inc in classroom and leaving for home for the day vs students at university inc lecture theatre and library vs gvs of Italian and French streets vs freight train past pan right from motorway to motorway passing underneath ms harvested wheat field high < shot men at stock exchange vs busy street with people low < shot huge crowd of people up steps to office ms men at meeting END TITLES