Year of Production: 1960s?

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 1 min 35 secs

Shot List

Short Animated sequences on use of electricity.
Man smiling reading book, sitting in chair by window during daylight. Goes dark outside. Man stops smiling and looks sad. Man puts book on arm of chair, shrugs shoulders and goes off and brings back standard lamp / lampstand which he positions by chair. Sight line to wall socket indicating distance from lamp to socket too far for lead. Man goes off and fetches extension lead, still too short, so moves lamp nearer lead and connects lamp. Man sits in chair and moves chair so that book is in light beam. Man sitting smiling reading book by lamplight.

Large empty room / loft with series of lamps / lights hanging from ceiling. Man enters room, switches on light switch, light illuminates. Man swings from light to light plugging in light bulbs which immediately illuminate. Cut to room with free standing light / standard lamp. Man enters room turns on switch to illuminate lamp. Beam of light shines up to ceiling. Lamp holder with no light bulb. Man holding bulb flapping arms tries to fly up to lamp holder but falls to floor.

Man standing by window with view of smoking chimney outside, smoke coming through open window. Man's arm grows to reach for electric fan which he plugs into one of a bank of switches by window. CU following lead of fan along to factory chimney exuding copious amounts of black smoke. Man gathers up a number of fans, throws them out the window. Man closes window and walks across to gothic style window with trees and flowers outside. Man opens window, breathes in fresh air and smiles.

Lady moving around kitchen with kettle boiling, food mixer working, washing machine spinning, saucepans boiling on oven. Lady moves around quickly before falling to floor. CU woman lying on floor with electricity cable leading from foot back towards socket plug no longer in socket.