Tractors in the countryside. Farmer unhappy about his oil tractor. Representative checks out engine. problem with lubricating oil. Representative takes samples of oil. Laboratory inspects the samples. Chemist handles different samples inside laboratory (test tubes microscopes). Workshop: engines.
Results of test. Cartoon explains how the engine works: piston carbon lubricants ..Representative with farmer. Temperature indicator. Farmer driving checking out and adjusting fuel supply. Tractor in fields.

Year of Production: 1949

Color or Black and White?: Black & white

Running Time: 12 mins 47 secs

Producer: Denis Ward

Shot List


title 'Drops of Danger' ws combine harvester and tractors with trailers along country road ws two tractors pass each other in field vs man climbs down from tractor and tinkers with engine until other man introduces oil expert / man and they take radiator from tractor and check fuel mixture vs two men
compare oil samples ms tractor drives past laboratory building ms man stands by oil drums vs scientist / man in white coat tests samples of oil in glass bottles and discusses these with man who writes at table vs scientists in laboratory inc woman who dries petri dish on towel inc good shots of scientists /men staring at liquids in test tubes and women scientists ms woman scientist shakes liquid in test tube

mcu man / scientist looks through microscope vs men / scientists do research inc man who wears gas mask as he pours liquid into test tube vs men doing tests on engines and oils cu written results of tests cu letter regarding results of tests GRAPHIC SEQUENCE

cu letter regarding test results ms three men talk together and look at letter cu tractor's temperature gauge vs man points out various parts of engine ms farmer / man climbs onto tractor and drives it from the farmyard cu temperature gauge ws tractor drives around field and backs up to plough ms tractor ploughs field END TITLES