Describes in a satirical story the basic features of the sponsor's new cooker

Year of Production: 1961

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 14 mins 26 secs

Shot List


00:00:00:00-00:05:00:00 pan across to woman applying lipstick in front of mirror ms woman talks to muscle / strongman wearing swimming trunks who flexes his muscles pan across to camp man complaining to man with clipboard zi to man in suit thinking aloud ms strongman flexing muscles ms man makes camp / effeminate gesture ms group of people gathered around cooker / stove / cooker / oven
ms camp man just in shot says "I think it's everso nice everso kinky it'll be smashing in the kitchen - you know what I think with those lines it's a cert for the glamour approach. Come here dear. Yeah let's see you pose then" mcu camp man goes to take photograph with tripod and then raises his head and says "No darling" and strikes up effeminate pose with hand to back of head ws woman strikes up glamour pose with cooker / stove / cooker / oven ms man says "No no no women don't like that sort of picture - they like pictures with men in them" ws strongman holds up cooker with one hand and poses like Charles Atlas (cooker is held up with wire) then gets up and walks away mcu man from agency raises hand to face and peeps through fingers in horror vs elderly man and woman stand by Rolls Royce as chauffeur has cooker / stove / cooker / oven on trolley. Woman looks through opera glasses at cooker ms agency man looks dreamy ws two men in highland dress / kilts toast cooker / stove / cooker / oven with whiskey ms group of people suggest ideas in loud voices until agency man interrupts ms woman suddenly appears from nowhere and begins to discuss features of cooker / stove / cooker / oven. She says "I'm sure you know all about the cooker but this really is a woman's job" vs others looking on as she talks about cooker ms woman opens oven / cooker door to display interior mcu muscleman / strongman licks lips
cu interior of oven zi interior to smaller oven above main oven
0:05:00:00-00:10:00:00 ms woman inserts grill pan into upper oven mcu glamorous woman watching demonstration cu interior of small oven ms woman leans on cooker / stove / cooker / oven ms tea lady / woman arrives with trolley laden with tea urn and cups and saucers and says "tea's up" ms tea woman walks away nodding resignedly mcu woman opens oven door cu hot plate glowing orange vs woman demonstrating features of hob and hotplates ms tea woman hands demonstrator pan of milk which she places on cooker / stove / cooker / oven

0:10:00:00-00:14:26:04 vs woman's painted fingernails demonstrating timer clock and thermostatic controls mcu glamorous woman smiles dreamily ms group of people listening to demonstration zi pan of milk boiling mcu woman opens storage drawer at base of cooker / stove / cooker / oven ms woman slips away as others admire cooker cu woman's face as she thinks "ooh now I can relax" zi to cu of strongman's face vs strongman pulls out grill pan which is filled with mixed grill zi to mcu of glamorous woman looking dreamy vs glamorous woman taking food from oven zi to cu of tea woman looking dreamy vs tea woman taking food from oven cu as oven door closes and titles appear