Opening shot of Battersea Power Station: interior: white-coated man speaks to camera about safety.Shots of steelworks etc. Dummy dressed as workman used to show dangers of ropes conveyor belts coal bunkers (dummy rescued); cranes (elaborate details of safety procedure); underground steam tank. Final sequence dummy knocked off ladder by overhead crane.

Year of Production: 1955

Color or Black and White?: B/W

Running Time: 11 mins 22 secs

Shot List


LS Battersea Power Station Interior power station Two men in white coats at turbine Man in white coat washing hands Man in white coat speaks to camera Jib crane Conveyor belt with coal Furnace Turbine CU megawatt meter electricity wires child and bedside light MS steel works: grab with ingot MS steel works: blast furnace MS man working with hard guards Diesel train LS general view interior power station CU pair men's empty shoes MCU dummy in overalls and cap Man and dummy MS rail wagon rolling towards camera MCU rope stretched on ground MS man pulling rope across capstan MCU capstan turning MS dummy tripped by rope MS conveyor belt with coal MS guard rails by conveyor MS conveyor stopping MS dummy with hard to control belt MS coal running into bunker MS dummy in bunker Dummy waste deep in coal MCU man putting on safety harness MS man in safety harness going over rail Man in harness with dummy Men tying off ropes Cranes on river's edge MS crane jib MS head of crane MCU hands screwing on cover MCU hands padlocking cover MCU hands padlocking chain Notice: Caution men working LS men working on head of crane Men working inside building using spanners Notice: Danger men working CU various chains and padlocks MS man putting on white scarf General view power station MS windows with ladder MS gallery Overhead crane moving MCU crane wheel on gallery MS dummy and ladder falling MCU bucket falling over spilling water MS dummy on floor LS men with bicycle leaving work.