About the problem of child abuse. Starts with accounts by Jane, who has been succesfully helped from battering her children by the NSPCC. She is portrayed at home with her family. Then describes the child protection service provided by the NSPCC, showing a local office at work. Then describes and shows at work the NSPCC National Advisory Bureau at Denver House, including the library, including its head, Ray Castle. Shows a play therapist at work. Describes the qualifications and varied backgrounds of NSPCC Inspectors, including a dramatised scene of an Inspector at home with his own family, followed by a (probably real) visit to him by a young mother who is afraid that she might physically abuse her child: he interviews the child. Ends by stating the scale of the problem of parental violence to children so far as the NSPCC is aware.

Year of Production: 1979

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 15 mins 24 secs

Shot List


00:00:00:00-00:05:00:00 cu telephone ringing ms woman sits on stairs and speaks into telephone ms woman feeds small baby with bottle as toddler looks on cu young girl and mcu toddler cu baby cries as it is winded ms father bathes two small children pan up from door of flat / apartment up to high-rise blocks cu small girl ms woman hangs washing on balcony outside flat vs small children on roundabout mcu small child reads book mcu small boy playing with mother vs woman makes pot of tea in kitchen vs interior of office with woman on telephone and other workers including black man

0:05:00:00-00:10:00:00 exterior and interior of building where meeting is taking place pan across row of book spines ms man in tweed jacket and thick glasses looks through card index file ms man opens large filing cabinet drawer and shows tweed man appropriate file ms man talks to woman seated at desk mcu woman talks to small girl who is bathing toy doll vs violent images portrayed in children's paintings ms man talks to woman as she types on a manual typewriter mcu man speaks on telephone zi to street with terraced houses in rain and black man walking along mcu small boy practices trumpet as father watches and mother knits high < shot man answer telephone in hall mcu woman looks up from knitting and glances at watch mcu man talks on telephone zo from woman's face as she talks to man - hideous wallpaper

0:10:00:00-00:15:20:17 pan up from small boy in bed to man walking through door ms children run out of front door of house and out of gate followed by mother with smaller child vs mother and child walk along streets of estate vs children wrestle and punch each other on floor mcu knife slicing onions and pan up to woman vs children crayoning together mcu family eating zo man woman and two children into playground
with swings in fg and high-rise / tower block in bg ms small girl and boy are pushed on swings by their parents