Promotion of Creda Mercury Cooker. Lots of shots of cooker. Hob with 3 rings (discs) oven. Lots of close-ups of cooker and control switches. Brief sequence of 2 women sitting at kitchen table.

Year of Production: 1950s

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 13 mins 40 secs

Shot List


00:00:00:00-00:05:00:00 STILL of woman bending to take food out of cooker STILL of cooker in fitted kitchen STILL of woman drying plate with hot water heater on wall behind her STILL of electric radiator STILL of upright paraffin heater on 50s lino STILL of woman looking thrilled with spin dryer in front of her Mercury cooker spins round in spotlight to swelling music played on harp zi to Creda Mercury cooker vs man's hands and voice demonstrate sunken hob to woman inc spilling chocolate all over it to demonstrate cleanability of hob vs man and woman place pans on hot plates GRAPHIC sequence demonstrates how hobs have different temperatures interspersed with cus of control knobs on cooker vs man shows woman lightness of plates

00:05:00:00-00:10:00:00 ms man's hands stroke plates as he demonstrates their efficiency pan up to control knobs situated on top of cooker ms woman's hands touch control knobs cu control knob reading cooker and grill mcu cooker door opens to reveal shelves and grill inside ms man and woman compare size of grill pans cu grill element at top of oven cu oven / grill control knob ms man's hands open drawer at bottom of cooker to demonstrate where grill pan is kept high < shot of oven / cooker door being shut ms man's hand opening and shutting cooker door ms man demonstrates how to change plates and lifts hob up to show internal workings of cooker vs man demonstrates how to disconnect electrical wiring?
ms grill pans being moulded by machine in factory vs men working in oven / cooker factory / assembly line using machinery inc automatic welding machine

0:10:00:00-00:13:40:00 vs woman sprays cooker hob with vitreous enamel (NB she doesn't wear any protective clothing or mask!) vs factory workers making various parts of cooker / hob ms glamorous women factory workers hang enamelled cooker parts up to dry vs cookers / ovens being assembled on production / assembly line cu tests being carried out on cookers / ovens ms group of people preparing cookers for showroom polishing etc low < shot row of ovens / cookers travelling along conveyor belt high < shot of cooker hob zo from Mercury cooker to ws of kitchen in which woman in apron stirs food in pan and is joined by another taller woman zi to hot-plates on cooker showing woman cleaning hob ms woman removes pie from cooker and puts it in warming drawer below and then pushes food under grill mcu joint of meat and other food items in cooker ms two women drink tea at kitchen table mcu glamorous woman looks suddenly shocked and looks towards cooker mcu woman's hand sets timer on control knob mcu woman's hand opens internal door on cooker and checks content ms cooker in corner of unfitted kitchen title 'You need a Creda' END TITLES