Story of Greater London Council. Ambulances fire engines schools sewage etc. Councillor points up importance of house-building. Lots of shots of Council Chambers Animated maps of London: London 1650 1750 1850 1950. Shots include: Old St. Paul's St. Paul's Georgian Terraces; C19th terraces:
Lord Mayor's coach: Embankment: Big Ben: County Hall interior and exterior. Ambulance arriving at hospital: fire engines with bells. Sewage system diagram and film - sludge in disposal boats. Interior exterior schools children's homes: street market; old people's hostel. Parks boating bowls and cricket. Odeon exterior and ticket office. Voting papers and counting. House building. Also useful: 1950s working class kitchen: babies at health centre; giving out tinned milk and cod liver oil.

Year of Production: 1951

Color or Black and White?: B/W

Running Time: 21 mins 24 secs

Shot List


Features housing construction cinemas stores Council meetings famous sites ie Houses of Parliament Thames fog in streets family at breakfast table people to work ambulance fire brigade construction work health visitor and baby mother and child sewers the docks children to school and various school activities school doctor and dentist men studying crafts children playing in home for orphans woman and baby at
baby clinic shopping in street market old people's home activities canteen and workers various activities in Battersea Park including cricket cinema man speaking at Speaker's Corner voting process including vote counting man speaking in Council new house building new Council housing - houses and flats in various designs.

00:01:42:09-00:05:00:00 title ' Capital County' superimposed over a photograph of the County Hall on the Thames ws of County Hall on the banks of the Thames ws of the council in session with shots of ambulance health care and drainage superimposed over them vs of things that concern the council eg workmen fixing a bridge digging up a road public parks and schools fire engines and cinemas vs of the councillors sitting in session in the council chamber ws map of London superimposed over a ha of the council in session zo from cu of map of London in Roman times showing Londinium face of the first Londoner (cave man) superimposed over the map zo of map of London in 1650 with superimposed picture of St Paul's Westminster and a Puritan

00:05:00:00-00:10:00:00 ws of London in 1750 with illustrations showing how it developed town squares and the new St Paul's ws of large terraced houses for the rich vs of slums ha ws of the Lord Mayor's coach in parade ws of map of London illustrating growth vs of the Thames and the Houses of Parliament vs of the Victorie Reginae of 1855 which rearranged the various local authorities and the Metropolitan Board of Works vs of the Victoria and Albert Embankment ws of the Thames estuary ws of cars driving down a street ws of a city park mcu of a man lighting a pipe and smoking it vs a man reading the newspaper at the breakfast table with his family his wife helps him on with his jacket cu of feet waking across Westminster Bridge zo to ws of commuters going to work cu of Council's flag and the Council's coat of arms ws pan across Westminster Bridge showing the council workers arriving at County Hall ws of workers going into a building ha interior of County Hall councillors in session vs of councillors in committee

00:10:00:00-00:15:00:00 ws men carrying papers walk down a corridor cu of the various department signs inc Town Planning Division Local Land Charges Registry and Education Officers Department and Mental Health vs ambulance speeds down a street and arrives at a hospital vs ambulance man opens doors of ambulance and puts stretcher on trolley and rushes into the hospital entrance ws large building on fire
vs of fire brigade leaving the station and speeding off to the fire inc good povs of the road from the fire engine pan down of building under construction district surveyor arrives at the site to inspect work in progress vs of showing the surveyor inspecting the site inc cu of his warrant ws of him checking cement coming from a cement mixer and measuring the distance between the steel framework and the brickwork of the building vs of a council midwife calls to see a mother and baby she looks in on a mother and baby in a pram in the garden vs woman knocks on the door and goes into house vs of a mother and daughter doing the washing up in the kitchen cu illustration shows a domestic drainage system vs of underground sewers vs of men operating machinery in the pumping station ws of illustration showing the sewerage system for London ws showing the sewerage treatment works in Beckton vs of the sludge being loaded on to boats and going out to sea vs of children going to school and kissing their mothers goodbye who are pushing prams cu of the sign for 'Downderry Primary School' ws of girls going into school playing in the
playground (skipping) vs of classrooms in primary girls school inc writing and cookery vs of classes in boys schools inc gymnastics or physical education vs showing children being treated by doctors dentists and nurses vs cus of leaflets advertising adult education and inc cus of rollbook vs of a poultry keeping class inc a ms of the teacher holding up a live chicken in front of the class vs of adult carpentry class

00:15:00:00:-00:20:00:00 vs of mothers walking down the street holding toddlers/small children's hands they walk into the grounds of a children's home vs of small children playing in the children's home with nurses on slides see-saws and a rocking horse (swan) cu of the Maternity and Child Welfare Centre ws of mother wheeling large pram down street vs of the waiting room of the clinic full of mothers with babies one mother puts baby on weighing scales vs showing a nurse giving a baby an injection while the mother holds it (innoculation / vaccination against diphtheria) ws of mothers getting medicine at the chemists at the clinic while a baby is on a rocking horse the mothers are given free cod liver oil vs of a street market inc ms of woman buying fruit and vegetables from a stall. A council inspector is there checking that the tradesman is using proper weights and measures cu of Town Court sign wa pan of large house which is an old people's home vs of woman visiting old man in him room in the old people's home vs in the old people's home inc the canteen common rooms (showing the old people playing cards together) vs of the Councils canteen inc a cu of menu board women serving food and people sitting at tables eating their meals vs of public parks (Battersea Park) inc people rowing on the boating lakes family walking around the gardens people playing tennis with Battersea Power Station in the bg people playing bowls cricket and
deer vs of people coming out of an Odeon cinema inc shots of people buying tickets and cus of the Cinematograph Licence vs of a Councillor making a speech at election time while the crowd listens to him vs cus of leaflets explaining to voters how to vote in Council elections inc a cu of a hand putting a cross on a ballot paper vs of men emptying the ballot box and checking and counting the votes ha of the Council Chamber in session

00:20:00:00-00:21:31:00 vs of Councillors speaking and on committee vs of workmen working on construction sites and the Council houses and flats that they build ws showing two young girls walking down the street holding hands vs of bungalows for the elderly / old people ms of Councillor making speech at the meeting vs of the workers leaving the County Hall at the end of the day