Rhythmic African music. Black man trying to build house of leaves. Elephant tramples it down. Man uses wood. Elephant sets fire to house. The third time around the man uses Burham cement and the elephant's attempts to destroy the house fail.

Year of Production: 1950s/60s

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 1 min 50 secs

Production Company: Cygnet

Shot List


A color animated film accompanied by a song sung in pidgin English

5:07:38:05-05:09:28:00 zi through leaves of the jungle to African man building house ws elephant goes over to house and begins to eat the leaves from the roof. mws of black African man noticing the elephant and getting a shock ws man goes into house and jumps up through the roof looking angry he hits the elephant with a mallet ws elephant knocks the house down by rolling over it ws black African man builds house from wood and hammers in nails ms man draws door on wood and walks into house zo to show house in the middle of jungle ms of the elephant noticing the house ws the elephant strikes a match which he tosses over to the house. The roof bursts into flames and the man runs out ws the black African man runs around in circles trying to put out a fire on his backside ws black African man chases elephant with stick through the jungle vs black African man chases elephant past road where a truck passes carrying cement ws of elephant ws black African man goes to truck driver and gets a bag of cement and starts to build a brick house while the elephant watches. the elephant strikes a match and throws it on the roof of the house mws the black African man laughs at the elephant as the roof does not catch light the elephant runs away ws man outside his house waves goodbye to elephant ws elephant is very angry ws man outside his house points to bag of cement zi to bag of cement