Opens in middle of demonstration of electric oven intercutting with audience. Young wife and neighbour chat - wife frightened of electric cooker and mother-in-law. Neighbour cooks meal in oven - mother-in-law scandalised wife happy husband happy neighbour happy. Typical humorous/didactic piece. Story brackets practical display. First half missing. Story obviously wife bullied by mother-in-law to get rid of new electric cooker. Demonstration shows cooker taken to pieces for cleaning; also food cooked including 20lb turkey. Again typical advertiser's kitchen clean and sparkling - mixed grill shown. Wife brings in hostess trolley.

Year of Production: 1954

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 15mins 29 secs

Shot List


Middle-aged woman ( Marguerite Patten ) in 1950s electrical kitchen/showroom. Dismantling electric cooker. Cut to man in muffler. MCU electric plate MCU grill pan MS woman and oven Cut to middle aged woman with hat MS dismantling oven Cut to middle-aged woman CU 20 lb turkey into oven. MCU woman
reassembling oven MCU various dishes MS woman wiping cooker CU electric unit meter Cut MCU younger man MS timing dials on cooker MS displaying more dishes Cut to general view of audience: young women in coats and hats General view of audience leaving LS 1950s kitchen with washing hanging up. Open shelves; Welsh dresser with crockery CU 1950s young woman MS two women at kitchen
table CU electric copper kettle steaming MS brewing tea CU tomato cutting Second 1950s kitchen CU mixed grill preparation CU oven controls CU food preparation CU grill pan and meat CU pans on cooker MS young woman - 1950s entrance hall with open staircase MS young woman in kitchen MCU Woman wheeling hostess trolley with food into dining room MS dining room. Husband looking appreciatively at food displayed on hostess trolley. Mother in law looking suspiciously at the food.