Music only on track with titles. Bill at breakfast - porridge inedible; children feed it to cat who flees. Bill cleaning window sees girl with porridge likes it - falls off ladder - buys Waverley Oats result good porridge. "Waverley Oats is all British grown and prepared in this country."

Year of Production: 1927

Color or Black and White?: Black & white

Running Time: 5 min 20 secs

Shot List


Caption "Bill Baxter's breakfast consisted of porridge -"
3.10 MCU Int Mum Dad boy girl. Breakfast table
3.13 Cooker; Pans; Teapot. Eat brakfast Caption"; of some consistency!"
3.18 CU Int Man eating porridge looks disgusted
3.21 Picks up spoon and turns over thick mixture CU Int Boy and girl eat porridge eagerly at first then turn to each other and grimace.
Girl taps boy's arm. Points. CU Int Cat walks along lino on kitchen floor
3.30 MCU Int Boy and girl feed cat their porridge
3.33 CU Int Cat tries porridge and runs away
3.35 MCU Int Children laugh
3.37 CU Int Man (Bill Baxter) tries porridge. He is almost sick/almost chokes. Shakes his head. Looks disgusted. Caption "I'll be off to work!"
3.45 MS Int Family breakfast kitchen scene. Bill stands up. Takes hat and coat off door and waves to his family
3.49 MS Ext Bill Baxter climbs a ladder up against a house. Opens a window upstairs
3.56 CU Int Bill inspects window pane nd frame
4.04 CU Int Little girl eats porridge from a bowl
4.05 CU Int Bill Baxter outside window. Smiles
4.08 Caption "That smells like real porridge!"
4.10 MS Int Nursery. Stencilled pictures on screens.
4.14 Small chair and table. Child gets up from table MCU Int Child walks towars window
4.15 CU Int Child's face. Looks up
4.16 Caption "Who are you funny man?"
4.17 MCU Int Bill chats to little girl through window
4.20 Caption "I'm the window cleaner - "
4.21 MCU Int Bill Baxter points into room
4.24 Caption "Can I taste your porridge?"
4.25 CU Int Little girl nods vigorously
4.29 MCU Int Little girl in nursery. runs to table. Picks up bowl of porridge
4.30 MCU Int Little girl hands Bill Baxter her bowl
4.33 of porridge through the open window. Bill takes it eagerly. Girl climbs onto stool. Bill eats. Makes approving faces. Girl smiles.
4.38 CU Int Little girl's face
4.42 Caption "It's called - "
4.43 Int CU Little girl makes Bill come closer. Whispers in his ear. he smiles
4.45 Int CU Little girl grins
4.48 Caption "Would you like some more?"
4.49 Int MCU Bill points to bowl. Talks to girl. He takes and eats all the porridge up slurping and shovelling it down. Int CU Little girl giggles
4.59 Int MCU Bill Baxter gobbles the last bits down. Girl smiles. Bill gives her the bowl back. Nods gratefully. She runs off with bowl.
Int CU Bill looks as if he is in heaven. Licks his lips. Savours the taste.
5.04 Caption "Lovely!... I can almost see the oats a-growing."
5.08 Ext MLS Field with harvested oats in piles. Trees.
5.14 Int CU Bill looks puzzled. Takes cap off and scratches head in thought.
5.18 Caption "Now what was the name of them there oats? It's gone lean out of my head!"
5.22 Int CU Bill Baxter thinks. Shakes his head.
5.31 He gives up. Looks through window for girl. Int CU Nursery bookcase. Stencils of ducks
5.36 Int CU Books "The Waverley Novels Vol. 5"
5.37 "The Waverley Novels Vol 6" Int CU Bill Baxter seen through window
5.41 Delighted. Leans back and guffaws. Slaps his hand down. Caption "That's it"
5.43 Ext MCU Throws arms up in air. Loses balance on ladder. Falls backwards.
5.45 MS Ext House. Ladder. Bill Baxter falls from top of ladder to ground
5.47 MCU Ext Bucket. Ladder. Bill Baxter sits up.
5.51 House. Bill Baxter rubs his head. Gets up and leans against ladder. Ext CU Bill Leans against ladder. Scratches his head. Looks puzzled
5.54 Caption "Blimey! - if I ain't forgot that name again!"
5.58 Ext MCU Baxter puts his cap on. Cross.
6.03 Annoyed. Hand on hip. Ladder. House. Bill starts to take ladder down. Picks up his bucket. Ext MS House. Baxter taking window cleaning
ladder down
6.07 Ext MCU Baxter walks with ladder and bucket down street. He passes shop front. Sign: "Boot and Shoe Repairs".
6.11 Ext MCU Huge billboard posters. "The flying Scotsman. non-stop. King's Cross and Edinburgh" Ext MCU Bill B. with ladder approaches billboard
6.15 Ext ECU "Waverley Station"
6.16 Ext MCU Baxter with ladder in front of poster. Car drives past and knocks Baxter to the ground.
6.18 Ext CU Baxter tries to get up. Lots of people run to his aid. Posters in background. Baxter feels his head. People help him. He loosens his collar.
Looks dazed
6.25 Caption "Now where did I see that name?"
6.30 Ext MCU Bill looks puzzled. People still bent around him. concerned. Baxter looks up. Points. Smiles. Gets up.
6.34 Ext MCU Baxter takes cloth ladder bucket off helpful people
6.40 Ext MCU Baxter crosses road carrying ladder in front of heavy traffic (cars buses)
6.42 Ext CU Baxter with ladder in midst of traffic. Eyes bulging.
6.44 Ext MCU Baxter sprints out of way of surrounding traffic. Ladder. Bucket Ext MCU Open topped car car bus come to an abrupt stop
6.46 Ext MS Baxter with ladder walks into "Homes" store. Window display
6.47 Ext CU Window display. Packets of "Waverley Oats" Pictures of happy people.
6.48 Ext MCU Baxter and ladder walk into store
6.52 MCU Ext Crowd of concerned people in front of
6.54 billboard lean forward mouths open Ext MS Baxter comes out of Homes store
6.56 with ladder and box of Waverley Oats. Very pleased with himself. Int CU Mrs Baxter carefully spoons Waveley Oats into porridge making pan.
Counts spoonfuls. Concentrates. Stirs porridge. Int CU Clock on wall. Hand goes round to 8 o'clock.
7.17 Int MCU Family breakfast scene. Kitchen table.
7.21 Family happily eat their porridge. Int CU Baxter joyfully slurps and gobbles. Shakes head in disbelief at delicious taste.
Caption "Now missus don't you never forget always ask for
7.29 CU Int Baxter frowns. Turns around
7.35 Enlightened. stands up. Int MCU Family at breakfast look at Baxter
7.38 Int CU Baxter opens cupboard door
7.38 Int CU Baxter takes packet of Waverley Oats
7.40 out of cupboard. Holds it fondly. Looks up Caption "Waverley Oats"
7.42 Int ECU Pack shot "Waverley Quick Cooking Oats"
7.46 Int CU Packet of "Waverley oats" on breakfast table. Milk jug. Toast rack.
7.51 Caption Waverley Oats is all BRITISH.
7.59 Grown and prepared in this country. Caption Make your porridge with WAVELEY OATS and help our own farmers

DESCRIPTION : 00:00:00:00-00:05:46:12
Title 'Bill Baxter's Dilemma' Titlecard 'Bill Baxter's breakfast consisted of porridge -'
ws family eating breakfast around table Titlecard '- of some consistency!' ms man makes face as he eats porridge with glue-like consistency ms children make disgusted faces at porridge and point to cat as it walks towards them ms children laugh as the cat tastes the porridge and runs away ms man almost chokes on porridge Titlecard 'I'll be off to work!' ms man leaves table and says goodbye to family ws man / window cleaner climbs ladder to first floor window of large house ms man opens window and looks at small girl eating porridge in her nursery and smiles Titlecard "That smells like real porridge!" ms small girl walks up to man Titlecard "Who are you funny man?" ms brief shot of girl talking to man Titlecard "I'm the window-cleaner - ms man and girl talking Titlecard - can I taste your porridge?" mcu little girls agrees and turns to get her bowl ms girl hands bowl to window-cleaner and begins to feed him with a spoon Titlecard "It's called - mcu girl whispers into man's ear and he laughs mcu little girl smiles Titlecard "Would you like some more?" ms the man eats porridge with spoon and the girl looks on mcu little girl smiles mcu man makes ecstatic face Titlecard "Lovely! ... I can almost see the oats a-growing!" ws harvested hay in field ms man looks dreamy / in reverie and then worried. He takes off his hat scratches his head and replaces hat Titlecard "Now what was the name of them there Oats? It's gone clean out of my head!" ms man looks worried and shakes his head and looks from left to right through window ms child's decorated bookcase cu books entitled 'The Waverley Novels Vol 5 and 6' ms man laughs happily and slaps his hands together Titlecard "That's it!" ms man falls backwards off ladder ws exterior of house showing man falling to ground mcu man gets up and scratches his head Titlecard "Blimey! - if I ain't forgot that name again!" ms man puts on hat and carries ladder and bucket from house ws man walks along street and looks over street at poster ws poster advertising the Flying Scotsman train as people past mcu 'Waverley Station' ws man knocked to ground by passing car as he looks at poster ws men and women rush to help man on floor who rubs his head and looks bemused Titlecard "Now where did I see that name?" ms man thinks and then smiles happily and points at poster and rushes off with his ladder and bucket mcu man crosses busy road in front of cars almost getting trapped between vehicles ms man looks into shop / grocer shop window cu 'Waverley Oats' packet in shop window mws man laughs and enters shop with ladder mws group of men and women stare with their mouths open / reaction shot of surprise ws man comes out of shop with packet of 'Waverley Oats' in his hand ms woman measures oats into saucepan and stirs and adds salt cu clock face with Roman numerals reading 7.55 am with hand moving quickly and stopping at 8 am ws family eating breakfast around table mcu man enjoying porridge Titlecard "Now missus don't you never forget to always ask for ..." mcu man with worried face which then breaks into smile ms man goes from table to cupboard / larder and takes out packet of 'Waverley Oats' Titlecard 'Waverley Oats!" cu pack shot of Waverley Oats