Home movie. Camera wobbles. Some shots are out of focus

Year of Production: 1968

Running Time: 30 mins

Shot List

MS Arabs get into white Land Rover
00:00 MS Security man talks into Land Rover window
00:03 while other Arabs are seen walking around MS Land Rover driving off LS Land Rover driving away through base
00:19 LS Open top Land Rover with Arabs in back; follows the white Land Rover
00:21 MS Vehicles line a road seen as oncoming traffic taken as a rear shot from a vehicle
00:23 MS Left and right panning shots of security men standing around white Land Rover and other people waiting press etc. CU Arab in white
Land Rover talking and gesturing with his arm to another Arab and security men journalist walks away
01:09 CU Arabs talk to Arabs in a gold coloured Land Rover
01:23 MS Press circle white Land Rover one journalist taking a photograph
01:45 CU Through front of white Land Rover and passengers and people outside
01:53 CU Gold Land Rover
02:12 ZI Driver and passenger of gold Land Rover
02:22 CU Shots of Arabs from vehicles Land Rover etc. standing and talking to each other and to other people
02:31 ZI Driver of construction vehicle driving through desert
03:37 MS Vehicle oncoming with a sand plough/digger behind it
04:38 MS Sand plough being driven
05:20 MS Sand plough reversing behind vehicle
05:31 LS Arab talking to another man in the desert
06:01 LS Pan right to an empty Land Rover
06:12 LS Pan left man walking away from Arab
06:16 MS to CU Front view of driver of vehicle
06:22 LS Vehicle making a large turn in middle of desert sand plough and people coming into view behind it
06:29 LS Pan from gates along green bushes to house with Land Rover parked outside
07:24 MS Two goats next to outdoor tap
08:06 MS Scan house and cars
08:09 MS Scan over green land and building block in distance
08:13 MS Arab talking to two women
08:24 ZI Arab and women
08:34 MS Three women having a meal one passes some food to the other one's plate
09:00 ZI Bread and women
09:05 ZO meat dish being cut woman eating
09:23 MS Woman slices meat
09:36 MS Man carries a silver pot of food in and puts it down next to woman
09:50 MS Man offers another a plate of food
09:55 MS Women serving and eating the food
09:57 EXT MS Man and two women standing next to car
10:35 ZI Two Arabs in front of another car
10:42 CU Man and three women
10:48 ZO Arabs walk in front of them into a tent
10:57 MS Man walks forward right up to the camera
11:08 ZO People standing drinking from cups and eating
11:18 MS The Food on the boot of the car
11:27 ZO Two tents and the people still eating and drinking
11:33 ZI each person
11:50 MS Another man and woman serving off the boot talking to one woman while another moves around in tent
12:11 MS Another car boot with bits on it as first man puts shaving cream on his face and then begins to shave ZI Man shaving with razor
12:55 MS Two women looking at coat on tent line
13:29 LS Desert ZI and ZO of Arab people
13:35 LS Scan around people in a clear water pool
14:08 and Arabs on the banks surrounding it MS Woman walking along a ledge beside a drop the party ahead wave her along
14:35 CU Arab boy and man
15:05 ZI construction area where the clear pool and construction vehicles are visible
15:11 CU Boy and Arabs in back of truck
15:27 MS Woman takes photos of first man and Arab. More Arabs.
15:45 LSs Scan water reservoirs and greenery with hills in background
16:24 ZI Hills
16:51 LS People walking around on the land
17:01 MS Shots of white Mercedes pulling up the Sheikh meeting a leader greeting the crowds
17:42 MS Other leaders turn up and sit for talks
17:52 MS Scan of the crowds waiting
18:01 CU Sheikh Zayed waving to crowds and walking to unveil a plaque
18:14 CU Security man helps move curtains to see plaque
18:29 MCU The plaque reads "Abu Dhabi Corniche"
18:44 MS Zayed and officials in the stand
18:50 MS Scan of the stand and crowds around
19:00 MS An Arab comes down from stands to greet others
19:38 MS Camels are paraded in front of Zayed
19:53 CU Camels are lead around by men and boys
20:36 LS Camels parade around a track with riders
21:16 MS Camels are raced in pairs and groups
22:24 MS Zayed leaves stand and shakes hands and walks on
23:37 MS Arabs and man on top deck of a boat
23:43 ZO Showing Arabs and cars on dock and head-on view of boat in water. CU Man woman and girl sitting on dock
24:00 MS Men in speed boat going by in water
24:04 CU Name on boat: SHUJAH ABU DHABI
24:06 LS White Mercedes drives along dock
24:09 LS Mercedes passes behind parked vehicles and up to group of Arabs
24:13 LS Zayed walks up gangway and salute Arabs on board
24:16 LS Boat and sea behind
24:26 ZI Fleet of boats cruising by
24:31 LS Arabs lined up at the front of one boat
25:12 MS Arabs lined up at the front of one boat one Arab at the back
25:18 LS Fleet of boats cruising back other way and pan across to boat at the dock
25:23 ZIZayed leaving boat and heading into group on dock
25:32 LS More Arabs leaving boat get into cars
25:50 LS Trucks and digging vehicles working in the desert
26:03 LS Digger dropping earth into back of truck
26:30 MS Digger scoops more earth and drops it into truck
26:37 LS Another truck backs up beside the first truck
27:04 MS Pile of rocks and digger sloops a load
27:15 MS Digger drops rocks into back of truck
27:40 MS Digger reverses to go back for some more rocks - Driver operating
27:47 MS Truck drives away
28:27 LS Truck drives past other oncoming trucks on road
28:44 MS Truck reverses to edge of bay and empties the rocks
29:22 MS Digger shoves rocks down bank
29:40 ZI Arabs walk about looking at this area
30:07 LS Coast line showing shore and building developments
30:21 MS Truck drives along coastal road
30:32 MS Workmen direct reversing truck to drop more rocks
31:35 MS Workman directs digger to shovel more rocks
32:45 ZI Family watching then walk away
33:05 CU Waves coming into cove of bay
33:18 MS Arabs watching trucks drop rocks and digger shovel them
34:08 CU Sign on door of truck
34:45 LS Waves coming into shoreline
35:11 LS People on walkway onto shoreline
35:40 LS Mercedes coming along the road
35:48 LS Zayed and followers get out
36:16 MS Zayed puts a cloak on in the wind and walks with another man and his entourage
36:20 LS They walk along edge of bay area
37:20 MS Zayed and party look out from shoreline
37:55 CU Group of Arabs look toward the camera
38:00 CU Zayed turns around to talk to followers as shot pans back to sea and the waves
38:08 LS Zayed and party lined up on shoreline
38:21 ZI Zayed talking
38:30 ZO Boy held up for Zayed to kiss
38:50 LS Zayed and party walk along
39:05 MS Zayed steps up to rocks and kicks it
39:20 MS Zayed squats to kick rock further down the bank
39:27 CU Rock rolls down into the water
39:40 CU Zayed laughing
39:45 LS Pan to onlookers at the roadside
40:25 CU Digger taking earth to drop down bank of the bay
40:33 MS Workers examine pile of earth and others throw rocks onto bank
41:30 MS Worker talks to truck driver
42:00 ZI Another white Mercedes with man walking up behind it on bay shore
42:18 LS Sea waves coming into the cove of bay
42:32 LS Pan across to workers carrying rocks
42:40 and making a coastal wall. LS Digger getting in behind a pile of earth and taking some
43:15 CU Workers picking up and carrying rocks
43:38 CU Group of people walk along bay and up to truck
44:03 LS Pan across to show various views from bay out to sea
44:23 ZI Girl standing on shore and pan across to walkway and building
45:40 CU Waves crashing onto rocks and rough sea
46:00 CU Man looking at camera
46:27 ZI Across bay to building on other shore
46:36 ZO Waves beating on shore line
46:48 ZI Across to other shore and buildings
47:00 MS Cars parked on road pan across to big waves crashing onto coastline look-out
47:37 END