Afghanistan Today

V/o commentary to standard travelogue; begins in Kabul - road building through mountains; lark in fields. Nomads; carpets; dam building.
King visits Public Health Centre; watches "national sport" horsemen playing polo with dead goat. Good colour photography of mountain scenery. Main focus: Sequence showing King and prime Minister
at Health Centre, then reception. King at birthday occasion. National sport of polo with dead goat. Good footage of farmers, nomads, children. Lots of horses in 'national sport. Interesting shots of Kabul.

Year of Production: 1951

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 20 mins

Shot List


00:00:00 - 05:00:00
Pan left cattle grazing with mountains in bg.
Gvs Kabul with traffic and people
mcu camels pass directed by traffic policeman vs new buildings including Red Crescent building; the medical faculty. Banks and malarial institute
vs bujildings under construction ws men with hats diggin in tunnel with pick axes
vs workers in canyon on road-building project; pan down mountains as blast detonates at base
vs workers picking up rubble with hands; steam rollers and tar spreading machines
Aerial shot Kabul
vs ancient fortifications
exterior shot museum showing tomb of Babur, first Mongol Emperor of India
vs examples of buddhist art
vs pottery figures and bowls
ms gardens being tended
vs beautiful gardens and fountains

00:10:00:00 - 00:15:00:00
pan up from children playing to huge statue of Buddha carved into mountainside
mountain range and rivers
ws parliament building and prime minister (unnamed) ws parliament building with mountains in bg and trees in fg
mcu student looking into microscope directed by teacher
ms exterior shot of school
mcu small children using slide in playground
vs small girls in national costume doing traditional dance while small boys walks around playing flutes and guitars
vs boys diong sword dance
ms prime minister and guard of honour greet King
ms King removes sunglasses and looks into a student's microscope
vs parliament buildings as King's car drives away
vs huge crowd gather to watch traditional game played on horseback which involves transporting headless goat
vs King arriving at location of game

00:15:00:00 - 00:18:58:18
vs game in progress watched by spectators
vs King congratulating winning team and presenting banner
ms winning team ride off with banner