Arc welding in modern engineering practice. Arc welding makes use of intense heat generated when an electric arc is struck between two metal conductors and brings about the fusion of the metal parts. Demonstration.This film has footage of welding and the manufacture of electrodes.

Year of Production: 1951

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 21 mins 3 secs

Shot List


00:00:00:00-00:05:00:00 titles ws of train driving towards station ws of large ship being launched ws of small plane flying overhead ws of red truck / lorry driving over bridge high > of woman washing dishes vs of welders wearing masks while welding metal to protect them from the flying sparks vs of workers leaving the factory inc some workers cycling on bicycles cu of glass door with 'laboratory ' sign painted on it vs of scientist conducting tests on metals in laboratory ws of diagram explaining how arc-welding is done pan past heavy factory machinery vs cus of male hand switching switches and turning knobs on welding machinery ws of worker cranking up a diesel engine in a field pan up from a diesel engine to a man
welding metal plate to the roof of a building ws of welder putting on large protective gloves cu of gloved hands flexing ws of man putting on head shield / welding mask high > of man welding

00:05:00:00-00:10:00:00 vs cus of welding equipment cu of sparks flying out of metal being welded cu of electrode spinning around ws of male and female scientists in a busy laboratory vs diagrams of how metal behaves when it is welded pan up from ws of bales of coiled wire ms of factory worker cutting through the wire with pliers vs cus of the wire being checked vs of female factory worker cutting samples from wire ws of scientist measuring the metal grain size on a laboratory weighing scales ws of factory worker taking sack of grain and weighing it on large industrial scales ws of factory worker wheeling trolley loaded with sacks of powder and putting one on shelf cu of powder coming out of funnel cu of large industrial mixing machine mixing powder vs of elderly male factory worker in flat cap testing paste on a compressing machine vs of scientists testing welded material for strength and durability on heavy industrial machinery

00:10:00:00-00:15:00:00 pan past large graph of test results ws of fork-lift carrying coils of wire to a machine vs of wires being cleaned by machines vs of electrodes on factory conveyor belt where they are inspected by female factory workers wearing head scarves os of woman weighing electrode vs of female factory workers inspecting and testing the electrodes on machines vs cus of certificates of quality vs of the electrodes being inspected and packed by female factory workers ms of the electrodes being weighed and strung together very quickly by nimble fingers ws man drives fork-lift truck loaded with boxes into factory store room ms female factory worker takes box off shelf high > of man packing cartons into wooden crate
securing the lid with hammer and nails vs of crates with vs destinations stencilled on them ws factory worker with flat cap wheels crate on trolley and puts crate on conveyor belt ws of two workmen taking the crates off conveyor belt and packing them in truck ws truck / lorry leaves factory

00:15:00:00-00:20:00:00 vs of man instructing male welders how to operate the machines vs of male students wearing suits and taking notes while lecturer draws on blackboard cu of hand turning knob cu of sparks flying out of metal being welded vs of trainee welders being taught how to operate machinery vs of different types of weld high > of trainee welders taking off protective clothing and leaving factory floor vs of business man and engineer looking at plans ws of two business men walking past huge pipe ms of needle of pressure gauge moving ws of man welding railway tracks cu of grinder smoothing the weld ws of a colliery ws of man welding a army tank vs of man welding part of ship vs of heavy machinery moving earth in quarry ws of bus driving over bridge

00:20:00:00-00:21:21:00 ws of gas holder ws of crane dropping rubble into container ws of oil refinery vs of welders welding pipes joints etc. end titles