A young American girl's first visit to the British capital, in which she spends the day seeing all the famous sights and later explores London's night-life.
v/o American girl flies into London. Sights and sounds of the city. Early morning on the Thames. Busy city scenes: Southwark Trafalgar Square Cenotaph sunset over the river. Lightweight travelogue with some good atmospheric shots. Opening sequence - tower Bridge Thames empty streets. Good hazy atmosphere. Standard shots of busy crowds buses underground etc. Includes: building work round St Paul's and new flats. Hot chestnut sellers. Gaslighter and street gas lamps. Sunset over the Thames - subdued colours.

Year of Production: 1955/6

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 15 mins 45 secs

Shot List


0:00:00 - 0:05:00 Opening credits over London skyline with St Paul's. Int CU Diary on bedside table. ZO to girl sitting up in bed reaching for diary opening it and reading turning page then writing. Ext MLS of aircraft in the sky Int aircraft people asleep in seats. Stewardess waking people up Young lady waking up rubbing her eyes then opening curtains and looking out MCU clouds as seen through plane window MLS Tower Bridge rising sun in background Top view of River Thames with barges MLS London street (empty early morning) with traffic light (green) and sign "No Left turn" in foreground Various streets in City of London including nice view of St Paul in early morning light CU exterior aeroplane in flight CU interior aeroplane young lady folding up her coat on her lap getting ready. CU exterior aeroplane. Landing gear appearing. CU young lady's (girl's) face looking out of window Ext MS aircraft landing Ext MS London street in morning sun milkman delivering milk on doorsteps collecting empty milk bottles walking down steps then to horse-drawn cart walking next to horse pulling milk cart. Int MCU bus depot with London double decker
buses. MCU bus driver climbing onto bus MS Bus leaving depot Ext London street; woman coming out of shop entrance carrying sandwich boards placing them next to entrance Ext terraced house; father with hat and case leaving for work wife and children waving him goodbye from the porch; father leaving through garden gate. View of typical London street with terraced houses with front gardens and garden gates. MS Underground station. Tube pulling into station people waiting on platform. People outside tube station. Lots of people queuing at bus stop Bus pulling away MCUs of people in crowds on their way to work Crowds walking across London bridge buses going across bridge Young girl walking against the flow
of the crowd crossing bridge towards Southwark. Southwark street scene girl walking past shops and street traders Young girl showing map to greengrocer standing by his cart; finger pointing on hand-drawn map. Young lady walking through Southwark streets to the location of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. CU of young lady's legs and feet in high-heeled shoes walking along cobbled street.

0:5:00 - 0:10:00 CU young lady looking at guide book then at house opposite her then walks down street. CU of plaque on brewery wall showing image of Shakespeare and words "Here stood the Globe Playhouse" visible MCU London Festival Hall various aspects MCU Bill Sticker at work standing next to ladder attaching theatre poster. The words "The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra" and "Stanley Pope" are legible. People walking past shop fronts accordion player in foreground woman giving him money. Brief glimpse of St Martin's-in-the-Field MCU pavement artist painting on paving slabs MCU Trafalgar Square and National Gallery; Lots of people and pigeons. Hand feeding pigeons CU Fountain figure spewing water CU tall fountain London park with fountains. Little child feeding ducks Horse guard parade outside Buckingham Palace White Hall and Cenotaph Buses taxis and cars going past CU flags on cenotaph. Bombed area around St Paul's CU St Paul's Cathedral Heavy building machinery working at clearing rubble in St Paul's area CU cement mixer and workmen. CU new apartment buildings various angles CU Tower of London Crowds in Tower of London Tourist Guide at Tower of London in traditional clothing talking to tourists Young lady taking photograph of Guide People milling around outside Tottenham Court Tube Station

0:10:00 - 0:15:11 Crowds returning from work catching buses crossing streets walking past shops Atmospheric shots of Battersea power station with smoke coming out of two of its chimneys reflections in the river at sunset Lamplighter lighting gas street light Beleisha beacons blinking in evening dusk Neon lights in Piccadilly Circus CUs of various advertisements. Red traffic light with STOP written across light Hot chestnut seller CU of roasted chestnuts cooking Young lady buying chestnuts then eating one
CU of plaque reading "Dr Samuel Johnson Author lived here B 1709 D 1784" Int. CU buffet with nice looking food ZO Restaurant couple in evening dress sitting at table Waiter serving couple raising glasses and drinking Man in shirtsleeves raising glass of beer bar bell in background he drinks and wipes his mouth with the back of his hand. Ext pub "The Prospect of Whitby" Two men entering the pub. Int pub barman behind bar various beer pumps. Patrons at bar CU glass being filled from pump Int MCU Theatre box office Two men sitting behind counter talking on the telephone. Lots of theatre posters on wall behind men. Posters of "London Theatre Guide" "Old Vic" Royal Festival Hall" "Circus" "Westminster" "Sadler's Wells Theatre" "Covent Garden". CU Waiter's hand handing programme "The Savoy" to lady in evening dress at table she nods. Stage with dancers band playing Cha-Cha Ext Hotel building Int hotel room young lady in bed writing diary old telephone on bedside table Young lady smiles puts diary on bedside table and lies down on her pillow pulling her bedclothes up to her face. Ext hotel building light in window going out View of evening sky over River Thames barge going by Bus going across London Bridge; streetlights on bridge. Two Tug boats pulling barges going along river Houses of Parliament in background Big Ben and Westminster Bridge THE END over same skyline shot as at beginning. 0:15:11