Hoover demonstrator. Showing new designs and Hoover features. Factory.

Year of Production: 1952

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 30 mins

Shot List


DESCRIPTION : 00:00:00:00-00:05:00:00 Titles zi to spinning model of the world that stops at London vs of a man demonstrating a hoover for a woman in a living room cu of woman looking perplexed / puzzled ws of hoover hoovering under sideboard ws of the hoover factory vs of group of men sitting around a table looking at a model of a hoover motor ws of huge metal disc being picked up by a magnet and carried into the machine room of a factory vs cus of motor making process ws of huge room full of women at machines that produce components for hoovers vs of the armature / electric motor making process

00:05:00:00-00:10:00:00 vs of the hoover making process cu of needle rising on a dial vs of the hoover motor being assembled ws of hoover motors being placed into a cabinet for a motor test run by male factory worker zi to globe landing on Brussels ws of man demonstrating a hoover for a woman ws of men sitting around a desk looking at a hoover brush pan along vs hoover brushes vs of fork-lift truck moving metal tubes in warehouse inc foreman checking them cu of metal being cut into lengths by machine vs cus of the tube being fashioned into hoover brushes cu of rivets being welded into the bars

00:10:00:00-00:15:00:00 vs of male factory worker putting pots into a furnace cu of machine putting bristle into the hoover brush vs of the hoover brushes being inspected ms of middle aged female factory worker checking brushes vs of a man demonstrating a hoover for a woman in a Hoover showroom in Sydney Australia hs ws of a group of draughtsmen looking at the design of a hoover cu of holes being drilled into wood vs of male factory workers operating heavy industrial machines cu of metal bars being put into a vat where it is melted down cu of molten metal being poured into mould vs of hoover mould being taken out of machine and put into basket ws of male factory workers polishing the hoover moulds

00:15:00:00-00:20:00:00 vs of factory workers working with hoover moulds on the factory production line / assembly line vs of factory worker spraying the mould with enamel vs of hoover hoods being put into the moulding presser and being polished before they are put on a conveyor cu of female fingers putting gold letters that spell Hoover on the hoover hoods zi on globe to Zurich vs of man demonstrating a hoover for a
housewife vs of male factory workers operating heavy machinery for hoover production vs of female fingers doing intricate assembly work in the factory vs of hoover components going through rigorous tests ie lights being switched on repeatedly and the hoover hose being twisted repeatedly vs of inspectors testing the components of the hoover cu of cross section of a switch being operated

00:20:00:00-00:25:00:00 zi to globe to show Istanbul to show man demonstrating a hoover for Turkish housewives / women vs of the hoover bag being produced in the factory inc the fabric being laid out the pattern being chalked on the material and cut out ha ms of seamstress sewing the hoover bag vs of male factory workers on the main production line / assembly line putting the vs components of the hoover together vs of conveyors carrying components along the factory roof vs of male and female factory workers walking down the corridors of the factory cu of a table headed 'Production Efficiency Bonus Scheme' vs of male and female checking something on a notice board vs of female factory worker making cartons ws of female factory workers packing cleaning tools into cartons

00:25:00:00-00:30:00:00 ms of cartons travelling on a conveyor belt ws of boss inducting workers in class situation vs of young boys operating machines in the training school ws of teacher passing around a section of a hoover to his worker students ms of female factory workers pointing to graph on notice board ws of display of hoover models montage of pictures of other hoover factories vs of hoover cartons moving on a conveyor belt vs huge office with women at desks doing clerical work ws of women in typing pool vs of man demonstrating a map which shows the Hoover organisation on a world map pan of men and women on a putting green pan of group of men playing bowls on the lawn ws of factory workers
leaving the factory tilt up to sign on Hoover factory ws of hoover on display END TITLES