ABU DHABI (Salam Abu Dhabi)

Year of Production: 1967

Color or Black and White?: Colour

Running Time: 18 mins

Shot List


EXT. MS. A shop front. Above the door is some writing: SALAM STUDIO AND STORES and above that some Arabic writing. EXT. ELS. A road in a sandy landscape with a few small green trees or shrubs. Along the road are some vertical posts painted in red and white horizontal stripes and in the distance there are three upright columns supporting two arches. Pans left to show another white archway further aling the road and a white wall with some towers probably a city wall. EXT. MLS. The three posts with the two arches from the previous shot but much closer. Some more of the red and white posts form a line towards the camera and there is a woman walking between them towards the camera. EXT. LS. A sandy road with red and white painted oil drums at intervals along it. Also tall red flags are behind some of the drums. Pans right to show some people working at the side of the road (possibly setting up the oil drums?) and a
truck. EXT. MLS. A similar or the same sandy road from the last shot with a green truck or landrover driving towards the camera. EXT. MS. A banner with some Arabic writing on underneath the banner are some flags flapping in the wind and a few palm trees. There is a desert landscape in the far background. EXT. MS. The side view of a pale car on a sandy road with desert in the background. The car is relatively smart possibly containing someone important? EXT. MS. Three Arab men. Two are possibly military and the third Is wearing all white robes. The back of a car (possibly the one from the previous shot) is in the foreground. There are two cars in the background. Desert in the far distance and nearer is a low sandy coloured building. A man in a suit walks around the back of the car across the screen from right to left. EXT. MS. Another man in a suit talks to an Arabic man pointing to something out of shot (to the left). A few
people are milling in the background. There are also cars desert and a similar (or the same as in last shot) building in the b/g. Another Arab man enters from right and shakes hands with the first Arabic man. EXT. MS Four men three in suits one in robes walk ina row along a road from left to right across the screen. Lots of cars a few men and the desert is in b/g. EXT. MS. Three men two in suits one in robes sitting in
a row with the first two looking left and the third looking towards something to the right off screen. There are a few rows of chairs behind them and two silhouettes at the back of the shot. EXT. MLS. The same rows of chairs but further away. Mixture of men some in suits somes in robes and some are sitting others standing around the chairs. At the top of the screen is the banner with Arabic writing on. EXT. MS. The
banner again but closer. Underneath are groups of men talking. The camera pans left looking at more men. EXT. MS. Three men from the back - one in a suit two with headdresses and military uniforms. They are shaking hands with two men who are facing the camera. EXT. MLS. A group of men in a sandy area. A red and white oil drum in the distance and also a red and white three sided cubicle (made from cloth)
is to the right of the screen. EXT. MS. A man dressed in robes shows something (a piece of paper) to two men in suits. In the b/g is a (temporary?) building with open sides. Looks like queue of robed men walking into the shelter of this structure. EXT. MLS. The queue of men from the last shot but is actually a crowd of people behind a fence looking across a sandy arena. A man (maybe a bodyguard?) is standing in
the arena halfway between the camera and the crowd of people. Pans left to show the open sided building with a red carpet leading towards it. Continues panning left following a man walking with a camera. EXT. MLS. The crowd of people on the other side of the arena pans right to show a few dignitaries (?) talking in a group. EXT. ELS. A sandy coloured airstrip with an aeroplane in the far distance. Two men in the
foreground watch the plane as it taxis towards the right. Camera zooms into the plane slightly. EXT. ELS. A view of the plane from the front as it is taxiing. EXT. MLS. The plane turning a corner. EXT. MLS. The plane now moving across the screen from right to left. A red and white oil drum in the f/g. EXT. MLS. A crowded room. In the centre of the shot a woman gives a large bunch of flowers to a man in a headdress
and robes. EXT. MS. A bearded man with robes shakes hands with a man slightly out of view to the right. In the b/g a man dressed in military clothes watches two men walk across the screen from right to left just in front of the camera. EXT. MS. A row of men sitting (as if to eat a meal?).
Camera pans right to show many plates laden with fruit. EXT. MCU. A golden statue of a deer or a stag in a glass case. Behind a crowd of robed men look at it. EXT. MS. The same men? are watched from the crowd walking up some steps into the plane that was taxiing in the earlier shots. EXT. MS. Three different shots but all of the same men walking followed by a crowd of people. EXT. MS. A man with a military uniform is escorted to a black car. Crowds surround the car. EXT. MLS. A convoy of yellow trucks travelling along a road. EXT. MLS. The black car drives towards the camera. Lots of people look on and in the b/g to the left is the open sided building. Pans slightly to left to follow the black car before it leaves the shot. EXT. MLS. A bumpy sandy arena with a convoy of parked trucks lots of cars parked in the b/g and many red flags. Pans left to show a smooth road. A man in the middle of the shot runs away from the direction of the camera towards a line of cars. EXT. MLS. Back to the parked trucks and pans right to show a group of boys running towards the cars parked in the b/g. EXT. MLS. A big black car with
a flag on the bonnet drives towards the camera which pans right. EXT. MS. More men in suits gowns and military uniforms greet each other on the rd carpet under the banner with the Arabic writing. EXT. MS. About ten different shots but all very similar. Various images of different men in a crowd. They may have been focused on because they are important to the film. EXT. MLS. Lots of men some sitting some standing in the makeshift shelter with the Arabic banner. The camera pans from right to left and back a couple of times taking in all the faces. EXT. MLS. A man with a headdress talks to a man in a suit. They are both sitting on the ground behind a table with a buch of flowers lying on it. Pans left to show all the people in the b/g watching. EXT. MLS. The same two men from the previous shot but they are very slightly further away. Another man in a headdress is serving them from a silver teapot and there are many men in the b/g. A few people walk across the screen directly in front of the camera. EXT. LS. The building again with all the people in it. Pans right along crowd of more people. EXT. MLS. A band of musicians all dressed in white and red unifroms are standing in formation. EXT. MS. Amongst the band. Pans left showing them all playing their instruments. EXT. MS. A group of men talking pans right showing more men some under a canopy supported by red poles. EXT. MS. Under the same canopy but from a different angle - looking along the length of it. Pans right slightly taking in the crowd. EXT. MLS. A road with the red and white poles standing along the edges. A convoy of yellow trucks passes under a white archway in the distance they are followed by a black car which drives past the camera as the camera pans right to follow it. EXT. MCU. A man in robes and headdress greets a man in uniform with his back to the camera. In the b/g crowds of people line the street and stand along the balcony above the street too. There are also red and white flags hanging on a string along the balcony. EXT. MCU. Two shots of a big group of men standing around talking to each other. EXT. MCU. An important looking man standing facing the camera underneath the canopy with the red posts. He is approached from behind by a man (possibly a soldier) who says something to him and they both turn around as if to walk away. EXT. MLS. A road with crowds
of people along the edges. A building behind them has red and white flags strung along it. Pans right to show the band again. Behind the band is a building with two balconies one above the other filled with onlookers. More people stand to the right of the band. EXT. MCU. Two men are sitting talking to each other. The camera is low down and so the heads of the men surrounding the two are out of the shot. EXT. MCU. Two men one in uniform one in robes standing side by side. They are under a roof but there are no walls as sunlight is behind them. EXT. MCU. Men in robes standing facing the camera pans right to show more men. EXT. MLS. Road with people either side and convoy of yellow trucks driving towards the camera. Each of the trucks has a man in red standing up saluting. This convoy is followed by yellow lorries with green canvas covers and then by yellow tanks and more trucks filled with more soldiers. EXT. MS. A lorry with Arabic writing on drives past and then away from the camera to the right. EXT. MLS. Convoy from before continues but this time the trucks are covered in red and white flags. Becomes like a carnival now as all of the lorries seem to have themed displays. EXT. MS. The carnival continues but this time the camera is looking from behind the lorries as they drive away. Pans left to look at a lorry as it approaches. EXT. MS. Back to looking at the vehicles driving away. EXT. MS. Same pov as the first carnival shots but with more varied tanks trucks diggers etc. coming past. EXT. MCU. Same view as previous shot but much closer to the vehicles. EXT. MCU. A lorry from behind. It has red flags tied to the back and the sides are draped with cloth covered in Arabic writing. pans right slightly to show the vehicles in front (more lorries and a BP tanker). A man walks along the edge of the road looking at the nearest lorry. EXT. MLS. back to original carnival pov. Now there is a tractor pulling a colourfully decorated trailer. EXT. LS. The sheltering
canopy from a high viewpoint (probably a nearby building) with lots of people milling around. Pans right showing a huge crowd and then the band in formation. EXT. LS. Another high viewpoint this time of a vast sandy area with lots of low pale buildings. Pans left taking in more buildings and a few trees. EXT. MLS. Different angle (still from above though) showing the same crowd from before surrounding a yellow jeep. Pans right to show a long black car behind the jeep and more cars in a line beyond. EXT. MLS. Back to the black car. Some people get in it. EXT. MLS. Another high shot of yellow jeep on road with people on either side. The jeep is moving towards the left of the screen and is followed by the black car. The camera pans right to show more jeeps following and the crowd closing in behind the last car of the convoy and more people beyond. EXT. LS. A high shot of a new stretch of road with lots of cars parked along the edges. The convoy from the previous shot is moving into the distance. EXT. MLS. From above the crowd of people near the red and white canopy. Camera pans right to show the view along the road and
also some people on the balcony next to the cameraman. EXT. MLS. The plane from earlier coming towards the camera as it takes off and then the camera pans right to show it flying away. EXT. LS. An uninhabited building on the left a few palm trees in the foreground. Some more buildings in the b/g. Pans right slightly then left past the first building to show the sea in the far b/g past another building (almost identical) then more sea and some other smaller more spread out buildings. INT. MS. Lots of robed men sitting in a row against a wall a few are standing and talking. Then there are some men standing side by side against a wall while a queue of other men walks along shaking hands with them. Various shots of Arab men sitting standing and talking. EXT. MLS. Under a canopy a man reads from a sheet of paper to the people below him. Next to him is a man in a suit and another soldier with a headdress. EXT. MS. Lots of robed men. Pans left to a trombonist a drummer a saxophonist a soldier and more civilians. EXT. MS. Another row of men sitting against a wall - possibly the same people as before. The camera pans left showing more men. EXT. MS. Man with a piece of paper pans left to more musicians and more military men. EXT. MS. A row of suited men sitting with Arab men standing behind. Pans left to a group of Arab men sitting in a circle clapping their hands while one plays a guitar-like instrument (oud?). Then various shots of people in a crowd: a man reading from a piece of paper the men sitting near the wall and someone handing them drinks in small cups a woman reading from a piece of paper. The man with the guitar again next to a man with a violin various people or groups of people in the crowd. EXT. MCU. A tray of drinks or food (?) being handed around. EXT. MS. Two men shaking hands. EXT. MS. The circle of men with the guitar / oud clapping. EXT. MS. A man in a headdress talks into a microphone which is held by a man partially out of shot (to the right) the microphone is then held towards a man partially out of shot (to the left). EXT. LS. Two white and red arches with a few people walking nearby and under them. There are more red and white oil drums and a few more white arches in the b/g. A car and a truck go under
the arches. EXT. LS. A large square building with odd-shaped arches through its centre and red flags flying from the top. Quite a lot of vegetation and red flags surrounding the bottom of it. Car drives past. EXT. LS. Large white wall with a tall tower at one end - possibly the city wall from the beginning of the film? Pans right showing more buildings and towers maybe a mosque? EXT. MS. More men in robes but the robes are brown now instead of white. They are dancing and a few of them have instruments mostly drums of various styles. EXT. MLS. More dancing. EXT. MLS. More red and white arches with jeeps driving through a building to the left of the shot is quite large and more modern than those earlier in the film. EXT. MS. More arches with Arabic lettering on. Pans left and in the b/g we can see the sea with a boat of some kind more ships in the b/g and stacks of crates and boxes piled up on the dockside. EXT. MLS. Another view of the same area. A road lots of wooden crates then the sea. The camera moves from left to right taking this all in. EXT. MLS. A large white building with tall arches along one side.
Red flags flying. It is possibly a municipal building. EXT. MLS. Another building looks more like apartments with Arabic lettering all along the side of it. Pans right to reveal a doube archway over a road with more buildings along the street. EXT. LS. Another road with a similar double arch in the b/g. Nearer the camera is a red banner suspended across the street. A boy on a bicycle rides towards the camera. EXT. LS. Another white building with the letters 'GM" on the side. It is decorated with lots of flags from different countries. EXT. ELS. A sandy rocky expanse with cranes standing in the far distance. Pans left to reveal the sea more cranes some large metal tubes or pipes and some small buildings quite close by (might be beach homes). EXT. MLS. Some buildings which look like apartment blocks. They are empty derelict possibly because of war. These are contrasted with some newer buildings which are near the section of road where the carnival or celebration took place earlier. EXT. MS. From below slightly the camera looks towards a balcony where some men are sitting. They stand almost ceremoniously. The camera moves right and left looking at different groups of people and finally into a MCU of some men sitting in a row drinking from tiny cups. EXT. MS. Some women and children sitting amongst the crowd they are not wearing traditional Arab clothes and look Western. Pans right showing more men both Arab and Western. EXT. MS. Looking along a table where a meal is or has been eaten by the people sitting along it to the left.
EXT. MLS. A crowd of Arab men looking up slightly at something to the left of the camera but out of shot. EXT. MLS. Men on horseback riding away from the camera. Various ELS and LS of horses running towards us and also of the horses in the far distance while a crowd near the camera watches them. EXT. MS. Various shots of the crowd in a grandstand and horse being held while people mill around. EXT. LS.
Fireworks against a dark sky. THE END